Out in the boonies…

Okay, I should be fair, the ‘boonies’ in question is Newbury Township in Geauga County Ohio and there was plenty of traffic on Rte. 44 driving down to the Geauga Democratic Party Headquarters.  It was to sit in on what I thought was an informal town hall meeting with a councilman from Middlefield who wants to run for county commissioner.  Instead, it turned out to be more of a focus group presentation of a campaign media package featuring videos of the candidate, mock ups of yard signs, and other things that any campaign manager may know by heart.  True, it has to be done to get an idea how successful one’s media work might be but what I wanted was to pose questions to the candidate to find out WHY he is not only in the race but what he would do as a commissioner.  Of course, being from another county, none of this has any impact on my own life.  However, as a political activist, or junkie if you prefer, if I’m told to support or help out someone running for an office, I need to know where that person stands.  You cannot work on a race, or even just give a few dollars at a fundraiser, if you don’t believe that this person will do the best job possible.  

I must admit though that for the most part everyone was glad to see me, considering the emails I received to come there.  It is difficult to be a Democrat in this Republican bastion and it’s good to give them support.   


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