More satisfied concert goers.

More satisfied concert goers.

Severance Hall, August 1, 2014

Ths sign says it all.

Everyone having a good time on the terrace overlooking University Circle.

Everyone having a good time on the terrace overlooking University Circle.

What do you do after a stress filled, crazy, week at the ‘job’? Well, you fight traffic after work to go to University Circle here in Cleveland, Ohio. Sponsored by the law firm of Thompson Hine, the Musical Arts Association revived summer concerts in August back at Severance Hall to coincide with the Gay Games currently being held in NE Ohio. It is also reviving an old tradition, so someone told me, of the Orchestra even performing in Cleveland during the summer, well before they made Blossom Music Center their summer home in the late 60’s. The three Friday Concerts are patterned after their successful Friday format during their regular run. The performance starts at seven instead of eight, practically no intermissions, and a Happy Hour on the front terrace before the concert. The cash bars will remain open even afterwards for those who want to wine and mix as the sun sets. Considering the huge crowd drawn to the MIX party across the street at the Cleveland Museum of Art, I was amazed how packed the terrace became by 6:30 PM.

Like similar events at other local cultural institutions, part of this is definitely to make money for the Musical Arts Association, let’s be honest. However, with tickets markedly cheaper than for similar seats in their 2014-2015 season, and great views of one of Cleveland Ohio’s major cultural destinations, Summers at Severance can be a major crowd pleaser for years to come.


Summers at University Circle; and Severance Hall


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