It’s about time for the Unionville Tavern.

Unionville Tavern, 2014

Last week, a friend of mine shared with me an excellent article by Simon Husted in the Lake county News-Herald that this historic tavern on the border of Lake and Ashtabula counties has been purchased by a local preservation group for $91,621 just as it was going to be placed on the auction block. You can read more of Husted’s piece at http://www.news-herald.com/general-news/20140807/preservation-society-buys-unionville-tavern-for-90621#.U-TMYYlLqKU.email.

I am so happy to hear this took place because the tavern is such a historic structure that it doesn’t deserve to fall apart.  After all, having gone there for years first with my parents and then on occasion by myself to the restaurant that was in there, I have special memories of the place.  Their corn-fritters were a specialty, brought to your table in a metal dish drenched in maple syrup.  I would get a table by the window overlooking the small garden with it’s gazebo.  The windows had glasses in Prussian blue on the ledges and at the cash register were different dime store candies like one would find at a general store.  One of my last memories of the place before it closed was seeing this man in front of the entrance with an alpaca.   He was telling people passing by, and going into the place what it was and how he raised them.  It was quite disappointing to see that it closed, and over the years, start to deteriorate.

The News-Herald has kept its’ readers informed over the past few months on its’ fate so the place has never really been forgotten.  The photo above I took earlier this year when I toyed with writing my own piece on the place.  As you can see, the roof looks like it is about to collapse in the front, so much work needs to be done.  I do know that the Lake County Commissioners passed a few resolutions this winter regarding the place and I did look at the preservation group’s website.  I tried to get more information via email from the group and someone in the Commissioner’s Office but received no replies and so gave up.

According to the Husted’s  piece the new owners want it to make this an “event and history center” but it would be nice to have the restaurant come back as well; and the corn fritters.   Perhaps, in a year or two, there will be enough repairs, and funds, for the Unionville Tavern that it will look like it used to, and we can all step inside with an alpaca waiting with his owner outside the front door.


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