Let’s keep the Momentum Going???

Just now, I decided to look at my Yahoo account and see if they did pull the plug on their Contributor Network as they declared in an email early last month. When I received it, I found it interesting because, for the most part, I never could have gotten hold of anyone there when I sent them one. Anyway, it stated that they were shutting it down July 31st and that they would remove all content from Yahoo and the rights for all of my Yahoo Contributor Network content would revert back to me.

Well, looking right now, my own contributor profile still exists.  However, when I click on a title of an article I’ve gotten published, it goes directly to the Yahoo home page. I don’t know, it’s to be expected. I’m happy that I did manage to get something published for people to read and earned some pennies (literally) which makes me a semi-professional writer. You cannot imagine what this meant to me when I got my first piece published!  While I never could get a hold of anyone, people did read my drafts and gave me pointers on how to make them better. I still can’t believe I received 1,458 views of my work in two years. Therefore, I must have something to say.

However, I do need to find other ways to make my voice heard.  Also, it would be nice to have my published pieces such as Pittsburgh Calling: A Clevelander’s Return to Penn Avenue archived somewhere so people can read them. I put a LOT of work in that article and got some pretty good feedback. It would be nice to do more articles like that; as well as fiction. One thing that reverted back to me was an experiment in flash fiction called Beach Combed. One person read it, but he thought it would be the start of a bigger story, even a novel. Perhaps now I can do that.

I want to keep the momentum going with my writing and I guess it’s up to me to find my audience; as well as publishers willing accept my work.  Let’s cross our fingers.


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