A little quick post.

A view of Lake Erie at the Headlands this weekend.

A view of Lake Erie at the Headlands this weekend.

Me taken in July with one of my campaign T-shirts on.

Me taken in July with one of my campaign T-shirts on.

They say that to have a blog means it has to become a full-time effort. I don’t know about that in my case but being all over NE Ohio without a laptop means less time for posts. My free time outside of work, if it’s not related to everyday living like we all do, has been consumed by local politics. I cannot go much into details to protect the innocent but a few weeks back I was offered an opportunity to become a field coordinator for a Congressional race. It would have been a paid position which, after all the years of hard work I have done in local races in NE Ohio, would have been a feather in my cap. I mean, yes, it would have been the next step up in my campaign work.

However, I have a full-time job which pays the bills. My boss said there should be absolutely no problem doing the job outside of work, which is what I planned, However, in the phone chat I had with the candidate’s campaign manager, I got the vibe he wanted someone who would absolutely, positively, be there 24 hours a day seven days a week and I understand that. His goal is to get his guy elected and, to be honest, doesn’t know what I’ve done in the past since he’s from out-of-state.

However, they all know I support the guy and have gone to their office in the past couple of weeks. The candidate is a smart guy who will make a much better Congressman than what they have in there now. I will try to help him out in some ways, just as I have been helping out a few others I know.

Now, what about this blog? I have a few topics that can make great posts but where’s the time? In fact, there’s one in draft form that I should be working on right now. On that note, that’s all for now and off to do more writing!


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