Crash; a Political Junkie coming back down to earth.

Yard Signs, November 2, 2014, near Mentor Headlands

I’m in a funk. While it is true that I get this every year, the fact that there was a recent election sure doesn’t help. I put a lot of effort into what I do with political races and, like with any junkie, the rush ends once I wake up Wednesday morning.

Of course, this also means that, since I’m no longer driving all around three counties planting yard signs, I must deal with the other things that boggle my mind. There is my writing, which, besides this blog, I haven’t really focused on lately. There’s the job and daily life, which we all must deal with and get by. There also dreams that we all have which seem so sublime but are in fact hard to realize….these races do take a big chunk out of the daily routine.

“All politicians are crooks,” my step-mother told me awhile ago and this sentiment is shared by so many people. Perhaps that’s the real reason why voter turn-out is so low; beside the flood of money courtesy of that Supreme Court ruling. Yet, there were some very good, decent, and hard working candidates that I helped this year and, some actually won their offices. For example, the new State Representative for Ohio District 25, Kenny Yuko, is an excellent example of an elected official who does serve his constituents well. I also think that Middlefield Councilman Ron Wiech should have won the Geauga County Commissioner’s race because he’d be a whole lot better than the one he lost to.

In the bigger picture, those who devote their time, gas, and even money to help another person get into a public office, pass a levy, or bill are trying to make an effort to do something beyond casting a vote. Even the most demented Tea Party supporter must believe that they are contributing to Society as a whole.

Funny thing happened this Saturday.   I was at the Cleveland Cinematheque to see THAT MAN FROM RIO. Waiting for the doors to the auditorium to open, I told one of the volunteers about what I’ve been up to lately.  When I mentioned the campaigns, it stirred up interest with a few of the other movie goers. I even wound up talking with this couple in the auditorium discussing why so many Democrats lost their races. People were asking me for my opinion and that was a surprise.

In less than two years time, another election cycle starts and, I most likely will be sucked into another race. Am I a fool for punishment, who knows?


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