Mad Man goes to a Great Lake; Mentor Headlands revisted.

Since Northeast Ohio got a reprieve from Old Man Winter and it was in the 50s today, I drove out to Mentor Headlands Beach. As you can see, I didn’t take any more pictures to use for my blog, for that wasn’t the reason. While it is great exercise walking along the surf, it was also to clear my head. I sure needed to do that after all the stress I’ve had in the past few months.

It was a gray overcast day out there, and it still is here as I type, with a strong wind from the West. The waves weren’t too high though and only once did I get splashed by the water. In fact, I like it when the beach is like that and it was a nice long hike. I’ve thought of many things, including this short story that I wrote with the beach as the location for the plot. What can I do now?

For various reasons I haven’t done much writing. While I did finally submit a short story of mine to a regional publication, I believe the odds of it being published are low. I have ideas in my head for screenplays but that’s all they are; ideas. Even this blog, perhaps the lack of a focus is limiting the amount of viewers and no comments. I’ve checked the stats and while I have had viewers from not only here but Russia and Germany, still 165 views is pretty low. I would like to freelance for some publications and get paid but that door seems to be shut and I haven’t tried doing so in four months. Yet, I do believe I have something to say.

Tomorrow, back to the job and the antics of the Holiday Season. Maybe next weekend I will find something to write about.


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