2015: Another Year

Mentor Headlands, September 6, 2014, looking west.

Another year has begun and one would hope a blank slate for the next twelve months.

This blog is not the place to write about personal hopes or resolutions.  However, there are a few that I will share with the world.

1. I hope that more rain comes to California.

2. I hope that gas prices continue to fall.

3. I hope that another mental case doesn’t get a gun and shoot up a theater, store, or  school.

4. I hope that the World is more ‘peaceful’ than last year, or last decade for that matter.  I know this is a tall order.

5. I hope the everyday lives of people do feel better with this economy of our growing; and that they are finally getting ahead again.

Okay, I’ve save the deep, well thought, and meaningful hopes for my journal but these five are valid for what I hope for in this country of ours the next 264 days.  January 1st has already passed, and this day is almost over too.  Time moves on.


2 thoughts on “2015: Another Year

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