A little ‘P.S.’ for East 185th St.


When I was doing some much needed editing to my last post, I was debating if I should include a paragraph that got me thinking.   Here it is;

Northeast Shores’ Executive Director Brian Friedman tends to differ with Councilman Polensek’s opinion about the lack of interest Euclid Hospital and the University Hospitals Euclid Health Center regarding East 185 St., “How are UH and the Clinic not involved?” he wrote in an email sent to me this week when reviewing (and much needed editing) of my last post, “Both are funding current planning initiatives. The Clinic funds various Northeast Shores Activities, UH supports VASJ and just built an $11 million center.” As for the parcel that I’ve heard was taken over by the County Land Bank and that Northeast Shores will be buying, he corrected it by saying that “It will (in the future) come to us with no County Land Bank ownership.”

While I will take his word that both medical institutions gave cash to support the current TLCI (Transportation for Livable Communities Initiative)  planning effort by NOACA, which is a very good thing for the area for the street.  However, I did notice that, of the two sponsors for the upcoming Taste the Neighborhood to be held at the Lithuanian Hall on East 185th St. that MetroHealth, and not the other two, is doing so alongside the Hospice of the Western Reserve.  Of course, according to Friedman, this is the first time the event has sponsors so, perhaps, they might do so in the future.

This all started because I decided one Saturday last month to get a haircut.  It is a new place on the Euclid side of the street right across from the Rite Aid Drug Store (which in itself was a big recent much needed investment I admit).  I started talking to the guy, a Millennial who has a lot to say about the neighborhood.  It was from his mouth that I learned that a microbrewery was interested in the Jack Shaw building and we went on to talking about all the restaurants that are doing well and expanding elsewhere on the street.

Last Saturday, before I went to an event at the Beachland Ballroom on Waterloo Rd., I stopped at Muldoon’s.  A perennially popular bar and eatery right off I-90, it draws many customers from outside of Cleveland and well into Lake County.  As I was leaving I chatted with the owner and he verified what I already heard.  Once the weather breaks he plans to expand his parking lot and then his outdoor patio, which has become increasingly popular.  He already had the permits so it was a done deal.  Investments such as these have an impact beyond the individual enterprises.  I am hoping that a lot more of this happens in the near future and, with more involvement from local stakeholders, it is definitely possible.


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