The Cleveland Auto Show: 2015.

Cleveland Auto Show, 2015, getting into the IX Center

Where is everybody driving to?

My Father, a proud owner of a classic ’67 Buick, somehow managed to obtain two free tickets to the opening night of the Cleveland Auto Show.  This event is held every year at the I-X Center and, while probably not like what you see in Detroit, it sure captures the imagination of many NE Ohioans.

Cleveland Auto Show 2015, more cars

The Chevrolet display.

Cleveland Auto Show 2015

Inside the I-X Center and the Auto Show.

We’ve been going to the show, off and on, over the years since I was a child.  It is interesting to see the new models the car manufacturers offer; though many cost more than the mortgage on my house.  This is sentiment many people may share since it was crowded in that building.

One of the cars in the Mercedes-Benz display.

One of the cars in the Mercedes-Benz display.

One thing I’ve noticed, besides the shrinking number of new models offered by Jaguar. is the fact that very few of the companies offer booklets.  The two ladies at the Mercedes-Benz desk said they’ve gone digital for the past few years; something which many of their colleagues apparently done as well.  The Cadillac section had instead a buy power card promotion with breath mints inside a dummy sample of a power card.  Only Porsche and Chevrolet had the glossy booklets I remember grabbing as a kid.

What would Don Draper say?

        What would Don Draper say?

When we left at 8:30 the cars kept pouring into the parking lots and it seems like the show was off to a rousing start.


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