I needed a little Charm today in Holmes County.

View of Holmes County.

The green fields of Holmes County.

As Judge John P O’Donnell delivered his verdict in the Brelo case, I drove down I-77 South today.  For the first time in over a decade, I decided to drive past Canton, Ohio and go to Holmes County.  The real center of Ohio’s Amish County, it in many ways different from Northeast Ohio with its’ rolling hills, few traffic lights outside of the main county roads, and plenty of farms.


The center of town in Charm, Ohio.


Charm Family Restaurant.

Two friend of mine recently on a trip back from Columbus stopped in a small hamlet called Charm which is South of the much largest town of Sugarcreek.  After driving down many a country lane, and unintentionally  crossing into Coshocton County before getting my bearings, I found it.  Charm is a small, but busy place with many cars from other parts of the state like myself parked when I pulled in myself this afternoon.  The Charm Family Restaurant seems like a major hub for the locals and was quite busy.

Some of the locals catching up in the parking lot.

Some of the locals catching up in the parking lot.

No, I didn’t get any cheese.  This area looks spectacular in early Fall if I recall.


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