A Quick Little Post, Uncategorized

A Quick Little Post.

Vosh Lakewood on Riverside Drive, Lakewood, Ohio.

Vosh Lakewood on Riverside Drive, Lakewood, Ohio.


Taking a 180 degree turn from what I have been posting, here is a little post about a place on the other side of town called Vosh Lakewood; in the city of Lakewood.  I went through horrendous traffic on city streets and the Shoreway to get to Riverside Drive and Detroit Avenue to see this place.  A pal of mine, a union organizer named Dan, was having his first big fundraiser in his bid to be a Lakewood City Councilman.

Despite the spacious rooms, Vosh became quite crowded near the bar and it was good to see that not friends and family managed to attend, and I’m sure he raised a nice sum.  There were local officials as expected, including this councilman who I crossed paths with at meetings sponsored by a bi-partisan group Building One Ohio.  I was kind of surprised to see a few union officials that I usually see on my side of town and even a few judges showed up to fill the roster.   Like many candidates have done before him, Dan delivered a speech to the crowd on what he wanted to do as councilman and thanked everyone for their support.  Considering it was off the cuff, he did a good job.

Dan O'Malley's Fundraiser, June 24, 2015, my beer

As for the place itself, it was what you would expect for that area, a trendy looking bar and nightclub catering to West Siders who wanted to have fun and not necessarily go downtown.  It had a nice long bar and the bartenders were good.  I liked especially the patio that looked out onto Detroit Avenue,  If it weren’t for the fact I was busy talking to everyone, I probably would have sat out there with my beer and enjoyed the gorgeous weather.  Nevertheless, I can see why the place had valet parking.

Dan will do a good job if he gets elected this Fall.


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