A Waterloo Road Stroll..AKA Another Quick Little Post.


                           Looking West along Waterloo near East 156 St late this morning.

Despite the torrential rains that hit the Cleveland area today, and many area events cancelling because of it, the Waterloo Arts Fest was still going on. I wound up paying two visits today to check it out.  I saw practically a ghost town this morning when they were setting up and drizzle coming down.  Fortunately, when I stopped back there again later this afternoon, The street was coming alive with people and it was beginning to look like a festival.  It helped that, after about three in the afternoon, the rains seemed to let up and there is a good chance the evening will remain relatively dry.


Inside the Beachland.


A sign of what was in store later on that day.

This is a big event for North Collinwood and it draws many people from around the region.  As I walked around the street taking my photographs, I overheard snippets of conversation as people walked by talking about someone’s art exhibit, going to the Beachland Ballroom, and other things that, thirty years ago, no one would ever expect to hear along this old street.  :”Look at the little park,” I heard a woman tell her male companion as they walked past the new parking lot created to accommodate the increasing number of cars.  All this is good stuff.


Another look at Waterloo Road, this afternoon.

Being a former ArtsCollinwood (now WaterlooArts) trustee, I can honestly say that a lot of hard work and planning goes on to pull off this event every year and, rain or shine, it keeps getting bigger and bigger.


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