Another Year of Mad Man On A Great Lake?

I was so busy with life I missed the first anniversary of this blog!   On July 28, 2014, I decided to finally enter the blogosphere and see if anyone was paying attention to what I write.  Considering this was more of an experiment than a professional site, I am kind of surprised with how things turned out.  For starters, the ones who urged me to start a blog are actually the ones how never read any of my posts!   On the other hand, Mad Man On a Great Lake had 217 views last year and, as of today, 517 view this year which surprises me.  I’m sure many of those who check out the site stumble onto it and move on but some have actually read my posts which is encouraging.  People from Brazil, Canada, France, Japan, India, even Bulgaria have viewed this site! One article about my suggestion that the old Euclid Beach Park fountain should be restored Reflections on Euclid Beach Park and its’ Fountain, has received more views from people than my pieces on Youngstown and Pittsburgh (and even From Metals to Minds; what’s good for Pittsburgh also good for Cleveland?) which I worked hard on) to my surprise.  Also, for a brief period, I noticed a lot of activity from the U.K. when I posted my comments on Mad Men’s finale (and I still stand by them).

Writing a blog does take a lot of work and I have a lot more to learn.   We will see what the next year holds for this site.  Thank you all who happened to stop by and read what I have to say.  Comments are welcome!


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