A Quick Little Post.

It is time I write something original for this blog, even only a few lines.

It’s not writer’s block or lack of ideas.  However, the subjects I would like to look into, such as computer start-ups in Cleveland (just  to name one), would take a lot of time and research that right now I don’t feel like doing.  Other ideas, such as writing about this meeting I had with someone working with Purple Hearts Homes, or a conversation at work on how a once vibrant Cleveland suburb has really fallen apart, do not seem to be right for a blog like this (political correctness?).  I have noticed that people are looking at my posts and that’s a good thing.  I’m not trying to be smug or anything like that, but some of those can probably stand up as articles for Salon.com or Cleveland.com if I ever had that opportunity.  One of these days maybe I will be able to make that kind of leap!

For all those who posted comments, thank you.  It’s nice to get feedback!


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