Why Every Study Abroad Student in the U.S. Should Visit Cleveland

I caught this today looking at other blogs and he seems as enthusiastic about Cleveland as I am. However, he should have mentioned a little more about some of it’s NEAT neighborhoods like North Collinwood!

Ryan S. Collins

I’m about to offer a proposition. You might laugh, you might even scoff. That’s fine, as long as you finish reading. It’ll make sense. Firstly, welcome to the US. I’m glad you’re here. Secondly, come to Cleveland. Yup, Cleveland, Ohio in the Midwest. We’re at the very tip-top of the state on Lake Erie.

Besides all of the press attention listing Cleveland as a “must do” in 2015, take it from a local why you should come and see us.

1. We’re cheap. Budget airlines like Spirit, Southwest and Frontier fly to Cleveland Hopkins Airport. Plus, according to Cleveland.com, prices in Ohio are 11 percent cheaper than elsewhere (on average). When I studied abroad, I blew plenty of euros on my weekends abroad. Save a buck in Cleveland!

2. We get around. Our public transportation system can take you anywhere you want to go. It’s called RTA, and…

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2 thoughts on “Why Every Study Abroad Student in the U.S. Should Visit Cleveland

  1. Collins Copy says:

    Hey there! Thanks for sharing this. I’m totally a believer in North Collinwood and Waterloo. I should have found a way to incorporate the neighborhood into my post, but I really based it on what travelers can do via the RTA Red Line. It’s a shame the Rapid doesn’t go to Collinwood. Maybe one day the Waterfront Line will head that way?


    • It would make perfect sense for the Waterfront line to be extended at least to E. 55 St. as part of a park and ride center but sense is not part of RTA’s strategy it seems. They have been trying to extend the Red line out this way for decades. I remember in eighth grade writing to the Plain Dealer supporting a proposal back then to extend it all the way out to Mentor. On the other hand, North Collinwood is only 15 minutes away from Downtown and University Circle via the Shoreway, easy to get out East to Lake County, and it has the lake! Waterloo Rd. is really taking off but people seem to forget it’s part of a larger neighborhood with the new lakefront metropark (Euclid Beach/Villa Angela/Wildwood with it’s marina), East 185th St which has all those restaurants, and a variety of houses from doubles making up most of the Western half to bungalows and cape cods once you pass Nottingham Rd. It’s a shame that the East 185th St. Old World Festival is no longer around because that too was such a big event that drew people from all over. Of course, Waterloo Artsfest picked up where that one left off.


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