Another Quick Little Post; a view of our Great Lake.


Above is a recent shot of Lake Erie seen at Mentor Headlands where locals enjoy the sand, sun, and water, despite poor water quality notices posted when I drove in.  Despite all the abuse we inflict on it, Lake Erie is a precious asset for NE Ohioans to say the least.

While a lot has been going on, from Union Rallies in Columbus to Picnics at League Park in Cleveland, I haven’t been able to go to any of them due to glazed brakes that shall be replaced shortly.  I haven’t been completely stranded but for many of the subjects posted on this blog you need time, money, and a car to come up with an interesting post (for the most part).  You also need to call people up on the phone to harass them for a quote if necessary and I just don’t feel like doing that.  However, on television today, I saw on Fareed Zakariah GPS interview this young guy named Derk Thompson doing something which I really wanted to do at his age; write a piece for the Atlantic Monthly.  It was a very interesting topic he had on a world without work and using Youngstown Ohio today as an example of what’s to come.  However, it also made me depressed knowing that I never was able to write for a major publication like that.

Fortunately for today, I did manage to go to one place in my neighborhood of North Collinwood that you can take a bike, or walk to, if you feel like it.  That will be popping up here a few days from now.


Photographs taken by James Valentino.


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