Let’s Head for the Beach, North Collinwood Style.


The view East towards the Wildwood Park marina with the mouth of Euclid Creek in the foreground.

As many locals and community planners know, the one main asset of the North Collinwood neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio is the fact that it’s on the shores of Lake Erie.  Except to a degree the Edgewater area, no other residential neighborhood in the city of Cleveland has such access to the water.  It helps that the Cleveland Metroparks now operates the collection of parks and beaches that surround the mouth of Euclid Creek and are considered part of its’ Euclid Creek Reservation.  That’s where I wound up Sunday afternoon..


The new pedestrian bridge.

The Metroparks has put in a significant amount of investment into Euclid Beach (located on part of the site of the historic amusement park of the same name), Villa Angela, and Wildwood Parks.  It’s cleaner and safer than when the State of Ohio operated them and the public has responded.  The parking lot was quite full and while the beach was quite, the trail on the cliff above was used by pedestrians and at least one cyclist.  The new pedestrian bridge built over Euclid Creek not only looks nice, but has gone a long way towards improving connections between the two halves of the park.  The parks have also received some media attention, as this Youtube video regarding Cleveland Metroparks Vision for the parks shows.

For me, as a lifelong resident, I’ve always been at the Wildwood Park section either heading down there with my Father in his car or on my own heading towards one of the breakwalls looking out towards the horizon, especially on those windy days when the waves kick up.  The place seems to be on an upswing again thanks to new management and I hope that when people think about moving into North Collinwood the realtors mention this as a major reason to think about the area.


The view to the West looking towards downtown and the Gold Coast of Lakewood in the distance.


Photographs by James Valentino


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