A Quick Little Post: What you can and cannot say with Social Media

Earlier today, I decided to drive down to a store at East 152nd St. and Westropp and drove down Waterloo Rd. to get there.  As you have seen on this blog, I have noted what is going on with the neighborhood and that included the Waterloo Arts Fest.  Today, at ten thirty in the morning, I only saw two people along that stretch of road.  Because of other things going on with me in real world’ I wrote on my Facebook site that the place was DEAD in capital letters which I shouldn’t probably do.  That’s when I received a response from someone who usually doesn’t respond.  He said it was rude which I admit was true.  So, I deleted it.  Yet, wasn’t the area around this entertainment district supposed be a 24 hour neighborhood by now full of young artists?  Maybe it is and I am just too busy heading to work on the freeway to notice.  I’m sure that Gordon Square and Little Italy (well, Gordon Square anyway) are just as quiet at that time of day compared to a Saturday night.

The thing with Social Media, and I do see this on Twitter as well, is that you really cannot say everything you want. I remember replying to a comment posted on The Hill regarding how Republicans in Congress stymied many of President Obama’s policies and, all of a sudden, these tea party cranks replied saying “look who drank the cool-aid”, and the like. I do understand one shouldn’t use fowl language or direct character assassinations of people (no matter how tempting it is) and I may cross the line regarding a few observations which I usually share in private emails. However, it is hard to remember that these social media tools should only give an edited version of oneself and one’s opinions…which is a shame.

I hope that with my blog posts I am objective and provide a well written account of things on the North Coast.  There is so much potential in this region and some of my pieces do show places that readers should look into.  The reports I have been reading, such as Metals to Minds, are truly important to look at and make you think

Finally, a writer must be objective and keep personal feelings muted; unless you are established columnists who can write whatever they wish about the gang running for 2016 (and I’m not just referring to one D.C. columnist’s pieces on Hillary Clinton). That’s what they get paid for; and I’m not getting paid for this.

In life, you cannot please everyone, but it may be worse if your voice is just completely ignored.



One thought on “A Quick Little Post: What you can and cannot say with Social Media

  1. This is why I do not say anything on Twitter, because it always comes out sounding so different from what it was intended to sound like and then it gets misconstrued and then I have to fret and fret…so I stay silent. Saves me a lot of anguish.
    Great post!!!


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