Up in Smoke in Brook Park Ohio; Another Quick Little Post.

0924183431What a difference 48 hours make.  Yesterday, I received a phone call at the job right after I got back from lunch.  It was from someone I know who happens to have started his own political consulting firm so, naturally, I was surprised.  While I told him I had to call him later at home, I did find out that I was back on the Executive Committee of my local county Democratic Club.  This was surprising because I wasn’t on their list earlier this year and never received anything via email or the regular mail about the $50 I sent this summer to pay for the dues.  However, he was given a list of all members and my name was still there with my old work number from ten years ago.  Thus, having learned that I was back on, it was only natural that I went to the meeting held this evening in Brook Park Ohio.

Once again, it was chaotic.  I got there on time and did register but after that, it became more and more a free for all due to one issue, Issue 3.  This was the one legalizing marijuana in the State of Ohio and, unlike the other issues voted on, it got bogged down with people asking questions, ward leaders voicing their opinions on yes or no and people were starting to leave having had enough.  I waited until my Councilman delivered our votes (one yes, three no, and one abstained) and got out of there.  I found out later in a phone call that Issue 3 failed but it was very tight the results.  That seems to potentially mirror what will happen in the November election.


The AFL-CIO Union Hall on Hummel Road in Brook Park, Ohio. Photograph by James Valentino.

All in a day’s work?   Democracy in action?  In my opinion, I can honestly as that it wasn’t a waste of my time but the time could have been much better organized.


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