A Quick Little Post

Thanksgiving Musings: A Quick Little Post.

Today, while almost overwhelmed by the commercial hoopla of the Christmas Shopping Season, families across America are celebrating a holiday that has its’ roots right here in the American Experience as this link to the History Channel’s  The History of Thanksgiving shows.

While we some of out there will have   While up in Toronto Globe and Post columnist Doug Saunders tweeted in his greetings to all his Yank followers to be “Easy on the marshmallow sweet potatoes & deep-fried whole turkeys” neither was on the menu today for me.  Nor will the giblet gravy my Grandma used to make when we went over her house off of Payne Avenue as a kid (with no regrets) or the desserts my other grandparents had at their house in Mayfield Heights. However, every family has their own traditions and try to pitch in if possible.  Even today, I brought to my aunt and uncle’s house dessert, a home-made pound cake that utterly American cookie called Bohemian Crescents.

The roast turkey my aunt made turned out to be very good as were the stuffing, green beans, and other dishes on their dining room table.  My cousin was there with her husband and two boys; both of them growing up way too fast.   Unlike last year, the weather was almost like a day at the end of March, and not November.  To have temperatures in the 60’s and partly sunny skies is something one in NE Ohio should be very thankful for.

This blog is not the place for me to tell the world what I am thankful for, or if I can find anything to be thankful for in the first place.  All across this country, people are thinking this thought right now as they either get ready for bed or running around to any stores now open for Black Friday deals.  The Holiday Season has officially begun and soon another year.  Time goes quick.





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