The Second Machine Age; P.S.

The Second Machine Age: Work, Progress and Prosperity In A Time Of Brilliant Technologies, is downright fascinating.

Source: A Second Machine Age; Another Look at Things to Come.

The above ‘post’ is an example of me trying use a WordPress prompt to get this promoted with the other blogs on the site and, the results are mixed.  I am happy that people are reading this and I want to thank two gentlemen (one in Toronto Canada)  for the nice words.  However, I wonder how WordPress picks up on everything.  For example, I have a LinkedIn account that showed yesterday 18 views of A Second Machine Age.  However, when I looked at my stats page on this site, the number of views falls short of that; and this includes hits on other social media (like Twitter) and direct emails.  While it’s fantastic to see two views from readers from Spain today (gracias!), I get the impression that more people are visiting this post, and this site, than WordPress picks up on.

Perhaps we have a longer way to go before digital technology can pick up where we humans left off in these matters!


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