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Another year on the North Coast: A Quick Little Post.

Lake Erie today.

Lake Erie today.


Can you believe that the first full week of 2016 is almost over?   We’ve been very lucky up here in Northeast Ohio when it comes to the weather.  Today it was in the 40s and I walked around with my spring jacket.  Of course, it will be in the teens by the middle of the week.  After all, it is winter.

Who knows what 2016 will hold for Cleveland, this region, and of course this nation.  Another presidential election cycle is upon us and the Republicans will have their convention here.   While it’s a boon for Cleveland, all the hotels are book solid for that week in July, personally I hope somebody else gets elected instead of Cruz or Trump.

One of Paul Krugman’s recent articles Elections Have Consequences does show that eight years of the Obama Administration did benefit this country,  However, so much damage has been done in the past 40 years with bad policies that two terms cannot reverse most of it.   That’s why the November election is crucial for the course of this nation.

However, a lot of attention will be given by the media to this city and, for every shot of a demonstration outside the FirstMerit Cleveland Convention Center, and the three-ring circus inside, there will be views of some of the many great things it has to offer.


Photograph taken by James Valentino


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