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Iowa Caucus Musings: A Quick Little Post.

My Dad likes Donald Trump.

When he first admitted this over dinner at an Italian Restaurant in my neighborhood this past fall, I brushed it off. Here is the same man who always said Ronald Reagan screwed the American worker saying he likes what a man, who thinks he’s too big to fail, has to say to a crowd of fans who may not even go and vote. True, I knew he never liked Hillary Clinton, and he did say Bernie Sanders had some good ideas but it seems that the Donald ‘tells it like it is’.  These same sentiments were echoed at a wedding dinner I attended this past summer at a restaurant in Gates Mills.  There, at my end of the table, a professional pastry chef I knew and her two friends, a couple in their sixties, talked about how they liked Trump because he was like another Harry S. Truman.  I smiled and kept eating my veal parmesan.  In fact, I kept my thoughts to myself again this this past Saturday morning.  While out for breakfast, I overheard people talking about guns and the man who would be President.  Apparently, while they all thought he was out there, Mr. Trump raised some great points.

The odds of Trump winning in a general election are small but the fact that so much attention has been given to this performance artist leaves a lot to be desired.   One will find out tomorrow if this was all fuelled by media hype or not.  If so, then we’re stuck with the equally frightening thought of Ted Cruz being taken seriously.

As for Hillary and Bernie, I don’t know.  Emotionally, I am drawn to Sander’s views and passion for what he thinks is right.  On the other hand, our former First Lady keeps tugging at me with her strong showings in the debates.  Her husband did a good job and I’m sure she can as well, baggage or no baggage. It’s hard to decide.  I may know tomorrow who to vote for in the Ohio Primary in March.

No matter how it turns out tomorrow, this doesn’t set in stone who will be each party’s nominee in November.  On the other hand, by the time we vote here in Ohio it most likely will be done deals.   So, in February, we all get to see who comes on top, and pray it doesn’t become what I fear.

What we really need is an American Justin Trudeau.


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