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As the Snow Flies: A Quick Little Post.

As winter returns briefly to Northeast Ohio, I found out today that an article of mine has been published this week in this month’s issue of The Collinwood Observer.  It is one of a series of community newspapers serving communities in the Cleveland area (for example there is The Euclid Observer for that city) and has developed a strong local following.

Actually, I began this as a post for this blog but, after talking with the Center for Advanced  Mental Health Practice’s Danielle Dronet, and a few others, I decided to submit it to the Observer last month.  Here is the link to their site.  I appreciate the fact that Investigating Holmes Avenue got published and hope that, in the future, that a few more articles will be published there.

Speaking of links, here is one to a new piece written by Cleveland Magazine regarding North Shore Collinwood, and the need for an ‘angel’ for East 185th Street.  I have only glanced at it so far but it seems like it will be a worthwhile read as the snow flies outside covering the spring flowers.


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