Friday Night Musings…


A Canadian Goose ponders Lake Erie in Vermilion, Ohio.

The clouds are starting the thin here in NE Ohio after a cold drizzly day.  This month has moved really fast and I cannot believe it’s almost over.

The weather didn’t stop me from driving west to the little city of Vermilion, Ohio.  Best known as home of the Woolly Bear Festival, Vermilion straddles both banks of the river of that same name, and two counties (Erie and Lorain) as well.  A pretty picturesque place, it’s home to an excellent restaurant named Chez Francois and a nice little pocket beach at the end of the street the establishment is located on.  The food is as good as the view and I’ve known the owners for years.  It’s a good place to relax and at the same time think.

I saw today that Mad Man On A Great Lake received 145 views so far this month, a record for the blog.  It truly amazes me how much interest is being generated by some of the pieces I’ve posted.  It’s also very encouraging.  There are so many good things going on along the southern shore of Lake Erie that it’s nice people are able to see.  I also like the fact that, in some of these pieces, that I am able to express my observations, and concerns, with what is going on in this country.  There is so much potential still do great things, yet we as a people tend to shoot ourselves too often in the foot.  With this blog, I believe I make a contribution which some have probably appreciated.

Of course, I thought of others things while enjoying a filet mignon and glancing out the window at the river.  Towards the end of my dinner the clouds thinned out to the point that you could see the sun shine a little and that’s how it was driving back to Cleveland.  We will see what the next month holds…


A sunnier view of the Vermilion River taken a few hours later.


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