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Thoughts on What Happened in Indiana.

So Donald Trump reached the magic number of 1,237 delegates last night while Ted Cruz and John Kasich finally gave up the ghost. What wasn’t supposed to happen happened.

Flipping through the channels Wednesday night, I caught on CNN part of Wolf Blitzer’s interview of Donald Trump being Donald Trump; and Anderson Cooper straightening one of the business tycoon’s ‘facts’ afterwards.  A little later on, on MSNBC, Rachel Maddow basically told her audience that Trump’s win in the Indiana was something for the history books.  As the Republican nominee, Trump not only has the RNC staff work on his general election but he will now receive classified CIA briefings.

I wonder, if is father were alive today, what Fred Trump would have thought of all this?

This piece in Wednesday’s Washington Post raised some many interesting points about what may happen in November. Republicans for Hillary?  That sounds like a real possibility which perhaps Bill Clinton loves; if you remember all that other story last year of his phone call to the Donald weeks before he announced his presidential bid.  When you have die-hard conservative bloggers burning their Republican voter registration cards you know there is a real crisis in that party.  “If we nominate Trump we will get destroyed…and we will deserve it, ” Lindsey Graham tweeted.  However, all this had its’ roots back to the 1964 Presidential Race with the nomination of Barry Goldwater and, combined with the simmering rage of so many Americans at how their lives have become in the past four decades, it provided the perfect breeding ground for somebody to take advantage of.

It can also be said, to a degree, with Bernie Sanders.  After all, he did win the Indiana Primary on the Democratic side Tuesday.  As many know, it has been Trump and Sanders that stir the passionate support that John Kasich  (and Cruz, and Jeb, and the rest) could have only dreamed of.  True, the former First Lady has the delegates to be the nominee and she had learned a lot from her own mistakes in the 2008 election.  She even has a lot a enthusiastic supporters, as a Democratic Women’s Caucus brunch I went to recently showed.  However, thanks to Bernie, she has had to move a little bit left to his positions on so many domestic issues to be in the position she is now.  One thing about the other side, none of Trump’s challengers wanted to go to where he is treading, and the media he now is attacking loved it.

Whatever is Donald Trump’s role in this year’s race; be it George McGovern to Hillary Clinton’s Nixon (or perhaps his Sylvio Berlusconi to her Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner sounds more apt), one good thing about all this is the fact that the odds of riots and mayhem in downtown Cleveland this July should be lower; I hope.




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