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Happy Fourth of July; A Quick Little Post.

20160704_104035As fireworks and firecrackers explode around NE Ohio, I write this quick little post.   Once again, yours truly participated in that quintessential Fourth of July past time of marching in a parade. This time, it was out in exurbia at the Chesterland Fourth of July Parade.  A woman I know running for Geauga County Commissioner named Bonnie Cavanaugh asked me last week if I can go and be part of her group.  I got there at 9:45 AM to a Catholic Church who’s parking lot was rapidly filling up with vehicles and people lining up in their designated places.   The parade finally got going at 11:00 A.M for it’s half a mile route to West Geauga High School, passing popsicles along the way in our Bonnie Cavanaugh T-Shirts.


This is not the first parade I’ve been in and I have to grudgingly admit it won’t be the last.  It is also an example of how busy things have been to the point that I haven’t been able to work on Mad Man On The Lake like I want to.  There will be some serious pieces in the future but for now a quick post will do.  To all those here in the States, on behalf of this blog, I wish you had a wonderful Fourth of July.


Photographs by James Valentino


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