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Lunch at Brennan’s: A Quick Little Post.


Brennan’s Fish House in Grand River, Ohio.

Despite the downright tropical weather we are having on the North Coast, I hopped in the car and drove out to little Grand River Ohio.  There, across from Pickle Bill’s is another seafood restaurant that I’ve heard about before called Brennan’s Fish House.  Since some friends of mine raved about it on Thursday, I decided to go there today.   The sight of people waiting in line for it to open at one o’clock gave credence to the talk that this was a really popular place.   I must say that the menu had a lot to offer and I just got what I wanted because I haven’t had walleye in ages.  However, with stuffed orange roughy and Delmonico steaks as some of the other choices, I know that I will go back.


The Walley (Fisherman’s Catch Size) Dinner.


A look at one corner of the restaurant.


I put this little post in to get this blog back on track.  While I am involved in local politics, at least on the campaign side, this is not the real focus of Mad Man On A Great Lake.  In fact, finding a restaurant in Lake County that serves really good, and fresh, walleye with french fries and  delicious coleslaw seems something more fitting with what I’m trying to do.  The blog’s second anniversary is just around the corner….


Photographs by James Valentino.


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