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Old House Gardens: A Quick Little Post.


This year’s catalogue with a vase full of dahlias from previous orders.

There are a lot of unique nurseries and seed companies around the Great Lakes Region. Mulberry Creek Herb Farm, Bluestone Perennials here in Ohio, and  even Indiana’s own Michigan Bulb Company, are just to name a few and they all can supply whatever a gardener desires.  However, a special shout should be made for the amazing Old House Gardens.   Located in Ann Arbor Michigan, the company specializes in primarily heirloom bulbs; the ones that grew in your grandfather’s garden like Couleur Cardinal tulips, General Kohler double hyacinths, and the Tenby daffodil.  I’ve been ordering from them over the years and they never fail to amaze me, and so many others.

Founded by Scott Kunst in 1983, Old House Gardens has over the years earned much earned praise from the likes of Martha Stewart to Country Gardens Magazine for its’ promotion of heirloom bulbs that were no longer commercially available; and thus giving them a new lease on life.  It helps that they are a quality company that not only grows many of its’ bulbs and tubers on micro-farms (former vacant lots) in Ann Arbor but even come out with a wonderful catalogue.

In his latest catalogue, Mr. Kunst announced his retirement next year after years of making Old House Gardens what it is today.  Fortunately, his employees liked the place so much that they bought it from him.  Scott has even promised helped them a bit so he’s not completely out of the picture.   Hopefully, sometime before he hangs up his garden shovel, I will try to drive up there and finally see the whole operation with him as my guide.


Photograph by James Valentino






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