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The Autumn of Our Discontent.




Downtown Chardon Ohio, taken today.

day was one of those perfect fall days in Northeast Ohio.  Driving East on I-90, there was not a single cloud and the trees, though the color has peaked here, were still vivid golds and rusts that stood out against the bright blue of the sky.  It felt so good driving that I felt like taking the car all the way to Buffalo and take the Peace Bridge into Canada.  However, I stopped at the Route 44 exit and drove to Chardon.  I received an email earlier from this coworker of mine whose race I’m helping out with.  She was going to be there to pass out literature and wondered if I would meet her there.  This was originally planned for last weekend but, as I guessed, it didn’t work out well since I couldn’t get a hold of her.  So, while trying to call her again today, I bought apples, walked around the square in her T-shirt, drove out to Grand River Wine Country afterwords to get a bottle of wine, and went back home.  The next few days will be busy anyway since there is another presidential election coming shortly

On Friday, Hillary Clinton once again came to town (with Beyonce and J-Z in tow) to try to squeeze as many Democratic votes out of Cuyahoga County as possible.   They were advertising it all week and it was held at my alma mater, Cleveland State University.  Earlier, while driving home, I was listening to NPR and a special report on Youngstown Ohio where most people who once voted Democratic now are gun ho about Trump.

That same evening,  I watched the cable news channels to see clips of Hillary looking out-of-place at the CSU bash (ash she would in Phillie a few days later) and, on MSNBC clips of Rev. Al Sharpton’s interview with President Obama which will air in its’ entirety Sunday night. I always liked the man, he may take a page from the Woodrow Wilson playbook but that’s a quality that is admirable.  The POTUS also was correct in saying that a president has to make compromises to get things done, and did point out some significant improvements to the well-being of every-day Americans that have occurred in the past twelve years.

Meanwhile, I wonder if it will be one or five years from now before wife number three will divorce the Donald.

I already voted absentee and, yes, I voted for the former First Lady. Despite my reservations about her, knowing what the alternative is, that was a no brainer. When a major Canadian Newspaper’s editorial is titled Dear America: Please don’t vote for Donald Trump, you definitely know that this election is no joke with the rest of the world.

The general feeling among everyone I know is this; they can’t wait for the whole thing to be over.  If there was a candidate whose positions were in the middle of these two people, he or she would win by a landslide.  If anything, it will be a very interesting Holiday Season for us.


View of Chardon Square looking West, taken today.

Once again, Hillary Clinton will be in Cleveland today at the Public Auditorium with LeBron James.  It’s coming down to the wire folks.


Photographs by James Valentino


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