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The Day After the 2016 Elections: A Quick Little Post.

I was going to take the day off after Election Day to just sleep off the night before, catch up on some writing, and even see a Greta Garbo-John Gilbert silent on Turner Classic Movies.  I managed to do all three while reeling from the fact that Donald Trump Became our president-elect last night.


Volunteers looking at the returns at Lake County Democratic Election Headquarters.

I didn’t think it would have been a shoo-in as some of the Hillary Clinton people, and media folks, thought.  Also, with the exception of a brief moment looking at the results at the Lake County Democratic Election Party early last night, I wasn’t surprised that Ohio went Republican.   However, as Florida, North Carolina, and then Michigan and Wisconsin got bogged down in neck and neck returns I knew something was happening. I left a little after 10:30 PM, went home and looked at the returns until one in the morning.


It’s hard for me to put in words all that I feel but I found out that Maureen Dowd of all people managed to do just that in her latest opinion piece Absorbing the Impossible in today’s New York Times.

If any of you who happened to have read posts on this site, you know I had my doubts about Hillary Clinton.  However, the alternative was something I couldn’t contemplate and now it has happened.  Yes, it seems Trump delivered a balanced acceptance speech last night and today Hillary Clinton, and President Obama for that matter, spoke eloquently about us getting together.  Can we?


Photograph by James Valentino



2 thoughts on “The Day After the 2016 Elections: A Quick Little Post.

  1. persians says:

    Hey Jim;

    I am speechless!! Thanks for the link to the Maureen Dowd post. It was excellent. Now, we will see what has happened. The people have spoken.




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