Mad on a Friday Night: A Quick Little Post.

I am still trying to deal with what happened earlier this week.  This is the third night of protests in major cities and I have looked at various new shows and the ‘experts’ dissect everything.  It was interesting to see Michael Moore, whose book I should have read when it came out earlier this year, on MSNBC.  I also have looked at twitter, the Daily 202 which has a very good analysis of what happened, and still have to read the piece on Huffington Post on how the Democratic Party exploded.  Shattered is a better way to describe it and I think a man like Howard Dean back at the DNC will be a good first step.


The front page of a local newspaper in Garrettsville, Ohio.  Taken today.

If the one or two you in the world who read this blog know from previous posts, I was torn between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.  I was emotionally drawn to Bernie Sanders and his message and I didn’t like the former First Lady’s baggage.   However, she was a good Secretary of State, a much better candidate than what I saw on the other side (Kasich included), and after the results of the South Carolina Primary looked like she would win the nomination. Hillary was the ‘inevitable’ candidate just as the Donald was supposed to be the ‘impossible’ one.  I voted for her in part because I have been a long time party activist who felt he had to ‘vote the ticket’.   However, she was also my ‘firewall’, the lesser of two evils, against some of the very things I’ve seen on the news since Tuesday. The ugly side of the American psyche has reared its’ head again and part of me knew that this would happen.

This is all I can say for now.  I only know that part of me now is very mad.


Photograph by James Valentino.


One thought on “Mad on a Friday Night: A Quick Little Post.

  1. Sherry Valentino says:

    I think that this may be a rather long healing process for the country. Much is going to depend on what the Pres.-elect is going to do. I am not feeling the faith right now when I hear of the candidates he is thinking of and for what positions. The world is laughing at us at this moment. A German paper called the election the “worst day in the USA since 9/11”. I am trying very hard to being open minded and hoping that he will surprise us…in a good way. But, for me, just looking at him depresses me!!


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