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Thanksgiving 2016: pass the ham.

Last year I wrote on this blog my own thoughts about Thanksgiving and it seems like it was only yesterday.  The year has gone so fast and so much has happened.

There is the urge to really celebrate the Holiday Season this year in a free-spirited way (tempted to be fuelled by another type of spirits I must say).  Since November 8th, I have checked out the cable news and the news stories here and abroad about what is going on now in this country.  For example, the Washington Posts’ Daily 202 had some very interesting pieces yesterday about the Donald setting up his court; and how, true to form, budget hawks that had McConnell and company’s ear for twelve years suddenly feel like the odd men out. Also, as anyone who has watched at least the 60 Minutes Interview knows, it’s quite possible that many of those who voted for him will be seriously disapointed and feel like they were taken for a ride lke so many other times in election cycles.

Of course, for people like me, the fact that he may have changed his views on climate change, likes some aspects of The Affordable Care Act, met with Mitt Romney and Harold Ford Jr., and has talked to President Obama since their meeting is okay, not enough to be at ease but still a glimmer of hope everything doesn’t go off the rails by 2018.   However, as Richard B. Spencer’s group this week showed, a segment of his base may not be too keen on all of the above.

This morning, I read an opinion piece in the Toronto Globe and Mail by  Thomas Holder Dixon that’s quite good if you can register for their online content.   Mr. Dixon got the president-elect pegged when he writes “He (Trump) is like a bizarre hybrid of idiot savant and a mafia don” who will, in his opinion, misjudge a situation, respond to it with by making bad mistakes and all of this will eventually fuel chaos (be it a financial crisis or race riots to name a few) which he will probably blame it on someone else. Of course, this is one man’s opinion north of the border.  However, I am kind of relieved that Mike Pence is getting those daily security briefings.

With the press here and abroad still bedazzled , and befuddled,by what is going to happen come January 20th 2017, it’s really so easy for someone to just turn off the TV, put the phone on voicemail and go back to bed.  As for me, I will like so many others go out to have Thanksgiving Dinner with family.  In this case, I will be with my Father, who voted for Trump as did his wife, his sister-in-law, and everyone he knows.  I will probably be very quiet this afternoon.

Deck the halls and ring in the new year because 2017 in America will be something else. To everyone in the nation on the brink of Lord knows what, Happy Thanksgiving.


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