Snow for the Holidays: A Quick Little Post.

Winter has finally come to the North Coast.


A view of a side street looking towards East 185th St. in Cleveland, taken this evening.

After feeling more like March than December here up until last week, it was a bit of a challenge driving through a band a Lake Effect Snow that steadily drifted south along the Lake Erie Shore Friday.  It was most noticeable driving home when, as I was approaching the East 140th St. off ramp on I-90, a wall of snow rained down on the drivers.   I managed to reach Muldoon’s on East 185th St. for a quick dinner.  I was actually thinking that, after an hour there, perhaps the snow would let up.   In fact, it got worse.   I managed to drive home with no problem, but when I got back out to shovel a little the pile of snow on my driveway, the car was buried.  It has let up a little, but not before the thunder snow hit.

The odds of Cleveland having a White Christmas are a lot better than I would have thought at the beginning of the month.  


Photograph taken by James Valentino.


One thought on “Snow for the Holidays: A Quick Little Post.

  1. persians says:

    Hey Jim;

    What a sight. It really is beautiful when it first comes down. By February when its dirty and slushy I am so over it. I wanted to let you know that we have had a tragedy here. Michael’s adopted son Ty was in a motorcycle accident last Saturday early morning. He died at the scene. 24 yrs. old. His memorial service will be on Monday and they had him cremated. He always drove like a maniac on his bike and we all knew it. He even admitted it himself , (invincible) or so he thought. The detective knocked on Michael and Carrie’s door at 4:00 a.m. to tell them. Then they had to go to the morgue. He was to be in his sister Faith’s wedding on Jan. 1st as one of the groomsmen. The holidays, the wedding, etc. Everyone is quite sad and the parents, especially his mother Carrie, is very depressed. Your uncle Tom and I ordered a gift card for dinner at Chez Francoise as our Christmas gift to your Dad and Elaine. We always have exchanged gift cards at the holidays, but we thought they would really enjoy this one. Sherry is coming in today and Tom has gone now to pick her up. She’ll leave Monday evening after the service. I will email you again soon, hopefully with some happier news. Take good care of yourself. Love, Sherry



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