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The Daily 202’s “What If’s?”: A Quick Little Post.

Today, the centerpiece of James Hohmann and the Washington Post’s Daily 202 was an array of ‘what if’s regarding the 2016 election for Democrats.   Look at the link in the previous sentence if you want to see them all but for me, one does stand out. “What if Joe Biden had run?”.  For me,  it still resonates since I honestly believe that the Vice President would have made a petty good president, and a far more appealing candidate than Hillary Clinton proved to be.  .

However, Mr. Hohmann’s right; we will never know if any of the 94 incidents, if handled differently, would have made a difference.  It’s time to see what is around us right now and look forward.  Many in this country, like my Father to my utter amazement, are optimistic about the new administration.  Others, like me, shudder at what will happen in the next four years.  For the rest, I suspect they really just don’t care unless they get laid off, war breaks out, or gas prices at the pump go up…like they are starting to do right now at least in NE Ohio.

On a different note, Christmas is only three days away….


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