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Four More Days: Fact or Fiction?

While I still wait to see on Saturday Night Live a commercial spoof by Alec Baldwin for Hot Russian Single Girls Coming to a Town Near You, I reacted with shock to the 35 page dossier that everyone on Cable News has talked about this past week . While, for now, all the allegations can be placed in the Kitty Kelly category of rumor and innuendo, they are still fascinating to read.  In fact five points came up for me after looking at those pages;

  1. If proven to be true, what corrupt business ties in China and other emerging countries does Trump supposedly have to worry about?
  2. Reaction in Europe.  The fact that ethnic Russians have been possibly recruited as operatives in Latvia and other Baltic States can be a big public relations firestorm in those countries. There can be calls among the population and some officials to expel Russian nationals; which can directly play into Putin’s long term plans.
  3. It seems that members of the Russian government, notably Premier Dmitry Mendvedev, were opposed to the operation, in the premier’s case citing that he wanted good relations with the West.
  4. What does the Kremlin have on Hillary Clinton that we don’t know already?  Is there the possibility of ‘Kompromants’ (compromising materials) compiled on other figures in the US Government we don’t know of?  Are our intelligence agencies looking into this right now?
  5. The dossier claims that Putin wants to return to Great Power Politics such as existed before World War I.  Well, obviously, we can’t go back to 1913.  Great Britain no longer has an empire or first class economy.  France is reliving the 1930s all over again, at least politically.  Austria-Hungary no longer exists.  As for Germany, thanks to two world wars, Hitler, and division during the Cold War, it’s probably the most important European country who still wants a United States of Europe.  This means that Russia can benefit enormously in such a climate.  It’s obvious that Vladimir Putin wants to have a place in history and sees himself rebuilding a nation that, in his opinion, fell apart under Gorbachev and Yeltsin. It also appears that a majority of Russians agree with him.  However, Putin is no Alexander II let alone Peter the Great.

Republican strategist Stephen Cortes was correct in saying Sunday on MSNBC with Alex Witt that Donald Trump is legitimate.  After all, people did vote for him and he received a majority in the Electoral College.  However, that still doesn’t deny the fact that his opponent received a majority of the votes.  If Donald Trump and some of his associates possibly broke any laws what will happen to those who voted for him?   As I argued previously, a large segment of those who voted for him were those who in the Rust-Belt who have been left behind economically and feel that the system is already rigged against them.  That’s why his message was so potent.  To say that he only got in because of Comey and the hacked emails is short-sighted at best; he was going to bring back all those jobs to places like Warren Ohio hit hard over the past three generations.  However, it was a siren call of the first class caliber.  Where will these people turn to next?   As for those who didn’t vote for him, let alone voted in November, what will they do next besides march in the streets?

The media has proved at least one allegation in the dossier, Michael Cohen going to Prague, to be wrong.  However, that’s just one part.  It’s the responsibility of our intelligence agencies, such as the FBI, to see if any of these other accusations are true.  As the Guardian Newspaper wrote, the doors are wide open in the upcoming year in the US; including possibly impeachment.  We’ll see, but the damage has already been done and we all know this.

Putin got what he wanted, political chaos.  Now, it’s our responsibility as citizens to meet this challenge.


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