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The Winter Of Our Discontent.


Looking towards East 185th St. Taken today.

Winter has returned to Cleveland and after driving to the job yesterday on unplowed major thoroughfares to get there, I wound up shoveling a lot of wet snow this morning courtesy of another Alberta Clipper.  A little later, back in the house, I wasn’t at all surprised to hear a snow blower running , my snowblower which I had trouble turning on a few days back.   Since it was a 50/50 shot my Father decided to stop over my house thinking I was at work I put on some shoes, stepped on the back porch and saw him cleaning up one last drift with the thing.  “I see he fired the attorney general” he told me “Your Fired!” he quoted the Donald’s famous scripted line with a laugh.  I had to remind him that Sally Yates was the acting attorney general and that it was terrible that happened.  After all, when people the media starts to refer to it as ‘The Monday Night Massacre’ you’ve come a long way from a re-run of The Apprentice.  So, not wanting to discuss it further, we got back to why I should remove snow from my awnings.

It has been one helluva eleven days.  Spontaneous protests, people detained at airports, Steve Bannon behind Trump’s Inauguration speech, Steve Bannon telling the media to shut up, Steven Bannon on the National Security Council, and Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan basically playing dead.  When I read the columnists and then the cable commentators about Donald Trump, his team, and the stream of executive orders, I cannot help feel that everyone (from E.J. Dionne to Joe Scarborough) had their breath taken away by all this.  Even the Koch brothers are apparently nervous.  As James Hohmann wrote Friday in the Daily 202, the brothers whose money pretty much took us to the place America is right now fear the rise of Authoritarianism in the White House.  Well, you get what you pay for boys.

There is no doubt that many of his measures, and not just the travel ban, probably violate the law in some form or another.  David Cole wrote a piece in the New York Review of Books, “Trump is violating the constitution,” hitting upon this point,    However, with the way Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan has behaved since November, it will be a while before anything outside of the courts can be done to address this problem

As God as my witness, I never thought I’d see the day that I’d say that George W. Bush was not the worst president of the United States.

No matter how much Maureen Dowd muses over the Wild Child Taking Charge, I must say that things are kind of scary (“do you think?” should be your reply).  After all, the New York Times published an editorial “President Bannon?” which pretty much sums up the fears of many people out there.  Perhaps that’s why former president Barak Obama broke his silence.

However, the fact that so many participated in the Women’s March a few Saturdays back and that Mrs. Yates stood up to the man who asked her to stay on until he could get Sessions in there is rather encouraging.  Even here, Cleveland City Council voted to oppose the travel ban and protesters did congregate at Hopkins International Airport; echoing what has taken place all across the nation.  Even as I type, things are happening and who knows what else will take place by tomorrow morning.



Photograph taken by James Valentino


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