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Looking for the American Dream; A Quick Little Post.

Who would have thought Trump’s well rehearsed speech to a Joint Session of Congress Tuesday would be the eye in the storm call his presidency so far?  He almost made it a whole day with people focusing on how well-behaved he was in the Chamber that night when news of Attorney General Session’s meetings with the Russian Ambassador stole his thunder.  Now, he tweets that the former president wire-tapped his phones and bellows for an investigation while violence breaks out in Berkeley between Anti-Trump protesters and his supporters.  Now, our President tweets his predecessor wiretapped his phones in Trump Tower, blames the generals for the botched job in Yemen, and goes back down (at our expense) to Palm Beach for another weekend. For all those people last year who chanted “lock her up” referring to Hillary Clinton and her emails, what are they thinking now?  Do they still say give Donald Trump and his boys a chance?

The Washington Post Daily 202 on Thursday and Friday had some interesting tidbits.  Apparently, four orders were signed under the radar that have nothing to do with renegotiating NAFTA, getting higher wages to working class voters, or making Americans work again; but do sound like something you’d see many Tea Party types in the past applaud; such as making it easier for the mentally ill to get guns..

All though brouhaha the only ones who appear to be benefiting seem to be Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell; especially if suddenly Mike Pence winds up being President.  Talk about a backstage coup.  It would be like the George W. Bush Presidency all over again; with the inevitable consequence. Once again, we will see if in a year how it all plays out.

The irony is that, if you happened to see Fahreed Zakaria GPS today, the American Dream in increasingly a Canadian one.  Former Canadian diplomat (and Conservative) Scott Gilmore discussed with Mr. Zakaria his latest article he wrote for Maclean’s titled The American Dream has Moved to Canada.   Mr. Gilmore pointed out many studies that shows that, on average, that Canada has surpassed us in such things as longevity, obtaining a college degree, even a freer press.  In his article, he referred to the fact that the World Economic Forum has ranked Canadians as the sixth happiest in the world.  What about us?  We’re ranked at thirteenth.

In many ways that fact that Donald Trump is still in office, or not, for a full term isn’t really the main issue for many people.  What is important is if those promises he made on the ‘bread and butter’ issues (let alone restoring the American Dream) really start coming to fruition.  If all that results from all this mess is a Mike Pence presidency with a Paul Ryan budget,  you will have a whole lot more angry people out there than we do now; and incidents like Berkeley will be nationwide.  If that happens, then couldn’t the Kremlin say their gamble paid off?  Let’s see what the next seven days has in store for us.




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