I Still Say Happy Easter; A Quick Little Post.

As news about how Cleveland and other law enforcement look for a man bent on killing more than the elderly man he did this afternoon (and for a time posted on Facebook), perhaps wishing everyone a Happy Easter seems rather trite.  All this started while I was in Grand River Ohio at an Easter Dinner given my a lady who told me she hadn’t done such a thing in 35 years.  The scattered rain predicted by the weather people last night pretty much passed us and in fact it was a beautiful day.  What a disconnect from how my day was as all this developed in my city.  This is on top of the fact that on Friday a man who owned a small car dealership on East 185th St. was shot with his wife.  All this has been so utterly senseless.

I just came across Councilman Michael D. Polensek’s (Ward 8) comments yesterday on this.  I wonder what he thinks about this new incident.  American carnage.

Yet, you have to try to put this into a bigger picture.  The shootings Friday were so shocking for everyone here in the East 185th St. area is because, overall, crime has been in fact going down a little.  My area is considered to be the second safest area in the city of Cleveland (after West Park). Major projects are underway, such as the renovation of the La Salle Theater and (as cited in my previous blog entry) property values are slowly but steadily recovering.

I hope they find the murderers and perhaps Mayor Jackson and staff will reconsider their proposal to recruit only 65 more police officers when, thanks to our vote in November for an income tax increase, they can hire so much more and put them in our communities

Once again, I still say Happy Easter.






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