A Quick Little Post, Uncategorized

Friday Night Musings; A Quick Little Post.

IMG_20170421_183538Another delay has occurred in what is supposed to be my next piece for the blog.  Life has intervened and the day has been too busy to write much, let alone again try to call up the Atlantic to get a live person.  Besides, there was a vigil to go to this evening.  At 6:00 P.M. I was one of many people who decided to stop in front of Mr. Tire on East. 185th Street to show their support for the family of the couple shot with their dog on Good Friday last week in what is now considered a pre-meditated planned murder.  The indviduals who did this shocking even took more than two cars in the lot and the pursuit to bring them to justice continues.  Of course, Councilman Michael D. Polensek (whose ward includes the Cleveland part of East 185th spoke and brought many others to come up and do the same.  In the audience not only was State Senator Kenny Yuko there but Councilmen Zack Reed and Jeff Johnson.  However, Mayor Frank Jackson was noticeably absent as were many other Cleveland Councilmen.  Nevertheless, it was important for neigbhorhood residents to be there, and they were.


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